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Track Alignments
With our top of the line Hunter equipment, we can provide custom alignments for any vehicle; we are low car friendly! We can also provide corner balancing, height adjustment, and alignment recommendations.

Custom Builds
Have a cool idea for a project or want us to build you a car? Contact us to get started!

Custom Fabrication
At our shop, we have an in house fabricator/welder with access to CAD software and a 3D printer. For custom fabrication and/or 3D printed parts, contact us below or give us a call!

Frame Machine

Paintwork and Bodywork
With our professional grade Ameri-cure paint booth, we can paint whole cars or paint match any components! We have access to any color from our friends over at Capital Paint & Supply. After resprays we ensure our paint quality is perfect with full paint correction from our in house detailers. Contact us for your painting needs!

Performance Installs and Modifications

Our facility has multiple lifts and in house mechanics who can perform installs, modifications, and maintenance on most cars. We can order parts for any car, even those not listed on the website. Interested in getting aftermarket modifications installed, give us a call at 251-583-0785 to set up an appointment!

Powder Coating
Our walk-in oven is capable of powder coating all sorts of things, such as wheels, brake calipers, and valve covers! We keep all sorts of colors and textures from prismatic powders in stock, but we can order any color you desire. Check out all of their colors here. For more information or a quote fill out the form below or email us at troy@geauxmoto.com!

Tire Mounting & Balancing
With our Hunter tire mounter and balancer, we have the ability to mount and balance tires with zero chance of scratching or damaging wheels!

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